• TeleWorkImprove work/life balance by allowing your staff to telecommute.
  • Remote workers are readily available and status is visible via Presence.
  • Reporting allows management to review who is online and available.
  • Secure file transfer lets you send documents to remote workers over public networks.


  • Remote assessment of patients (telepsychiatry, telecardiology, telestroke.)
  • Connect rural health providers with remote specialists.
  • Distance learning for medical professionals
  • Integration with medical instruments, PACS and EMRs.

Business Continuity Planning

  • Snowstorms, floods, pandemic flu and other unpredictable events can make it difficult staff to be in the office.
  • VeaMea’s secure video collaboration can be a key component of your company’s plan for “keeping the lights on” through the most challenging circumstances.

eLearning / Distance Learning

  • Support unlimited number of attendees.
  • Every attendee can “raise his/her hand” and submit a question to the teacher in IM, audio, or audio and video.
  • Desktop sharing allows the instructor to use slides and documents to support the lesson.
  • White board allows the instructor/facilitator to jot questions for offline discussion, action items for the group, or quickly create sketches to support explanations.
  • Polling system lets the instructor check for lesson comprehension and provides records of attendance and completion of each unit of the course.
  • Recording feature allows the attendee to play back the lesson anytime, from anywhere.

Board Meetings


  • Board meetings can be tough to coordinate. Busy executives travel, have schedule changes and often are pulled in multiple directions.  With VeaMea’s desktop telepresence and gateway to existing conferencing systems, all directors can be “present” even when they can’t be in the same room.

Management Updates

  • Distributed management teams need to coordinate their activities. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual meetings can be significant investments of time.
  • By bringing your team together using the VeaMea platform, your organization saves travel time and expense while still maintaining that “in-person” experience.

Distributed Sales Force

  • Improve communications and make interactions “personal” among HQ and field, sales managers and sales support teams, resulting in improved responsiveness and reduced cost.

Multisite Company

  • Reduce or eliminate a significant amount of travel between sites and the cost and headaches of processing expense reports.
  • Improved productivity, quality of life and lower costs deliver immediate ROI.
  • Previously existing meeting rooms equipped with videoconference devices can be upgraded, preserving investments and improving functionality to enable communications with staff/clients/partners in meeting rooms or on standalone PCs.

Team Coordination

  • Distributed teams of experts, working on multiple projects, need to work together.
  • VeaMea’s secure video collaboration platform allows your teams to reach out for mentors/subject matter experts, share documents and desktop applications, coordinate team activities and action items on a scheduled or ad hoc basis.
  • Sometimes getting to the client project site is a long and torturous process. Being able to quickly click into a remote site and share video, audio and desktops lets you get from here to anywhere at the speed of light.

Project Kickoffs

  • Do you really want to pull everyone out of the field, have them travel to headquarters and burn a day or two to get the message out?
  • Holding the meeting on the VeaMea video collaboration platform allows you to include everyone without the investment of travel and lost work time. And by recording the event, team members who couldn’t make the meeting can catch up on their schedule.

Product Design

  • Imagine if Sales, Marketing, Engineering and Manufacturing were all on the same page from teh BEGINNING of the product life cycle?
  • With VeaMea bringing together the right people to review progress, set goals and manage product cycles is a click away.
  • No more need for a “war room” full of staff re-located for the duration of the project.  With Presence, all team members are a click away, making coordination as easy as tapping them on the shoulder.

Training Sessions and Refreshers

  • Sending a trainer to a remote facility is an expensive proposition. With VeaMea the trainer can interact with the class without the need to travel. Sessions can be recorded so participants can catch up or review on their schedule.
  • Testing module allows instructors to check for understanding.
  • Post-training follow-up and mentorship, often difficult to provide in today’s world, is just a few clicks away with VeaMea.  Training cohorts can form a group, an informal support network to reinforce and multiply the effectiveness of the training.

Remote Monitoring

  • Remote unattended PCs can be equipped with PTZ cameras and configured for auto answer. When needed, the central monitoring station invites them to a meeting, takes control of the PTZ camera, and has full control to review the situation before deciding what actions need to be taken.

HR training and selection

  • Remote screening interviews reduce the expense of bringing candidates in and allow you top pick up the non-verbal cues that make up so much of communication.
  • Interviews can be recorded so decision makers can see the candidate and form their own opinions.
  • Complex, interactive and collaborative training can be executed with real human to human interaction.
  • Basic training can be recorded and replayed as needed.

Customer support

  • IT support teams can be contacted by remote users using audio and video.
  • Support staff can take control of the remote desktop and teach the user as they troubleshoot. Support operations are more effective, call resolutions are faster and overall support costs are reduced.
  • The personal interaction provided by a video call improves the customer service experience.