VeaMea’s cost effective, easy to use suite of tools allows you to reach out from your desktop and “tap someone on the shoulder” whether they are in the next building, the next state or across the globe.In the past you had to get on a plane, get on the phone, shuttle the work back and forth on email or FTP, or just do it yourself. The time wasted on logistics, impact on work/life balance, and costs of travel add up, and create resistance to bringing the best people together.

VeaMea lets your best heads get together at a moment’s notice to collaborate in real-time, improving productivity and delivering results.With VeaMea’s Web client, you can invite a guest from outside your organization to a secure session.

If you prefer conference rooms as dedicated collaboration spaces, VeaMea can provide a telepresence-like experience at a fraction of the cost while giving you a broader set of collaboration tools.

In a globalizing world, organizations need to find ways to work efficiently with partners in different buildings, states, countries and continents.

With VeaMea’s secure, intuitive software, video collaboration is just a click away!


Quality of Experience

  • Up to HD Video and Audio
  • Up to 16 video feeds on a single screen, 1000s of connected viewers
  • Ability to invite participants who are not part of your group/organization
  • Ability to “raise hands” in large meeting settings to become one of the featured video streams
  • Moderated and Unmoderated Modes

Collaboration Tools

  • Presence
  • Application and Desktop Control Sharing
  • Secure Instant Messaging (Public and Private)
  • Meeting Scheduling and Email Invitations
  • Secure File Transfer
  • Shared multi-page “White Board”
  • Polling/Testing with real-time result tabulation


  • AES 256 encryption
  • Session Recording and Archiving

IT Integration

  • Runs on existing IP networks including NAT and firewall traversal
  • Native LDAP integration
  • Integrated load balancing, failover
  • Microsoft OCS integration
  • Web-based administration console
  • Extensive reporting capabilities


  • Interconnection to existing videoconferencing (H323) & telephony (SIP) systems