VeaMea is unique in its ability to expand the reach of your existing video conferencing investments.

As great and as useful as traditional video conferencing systems are, you have to consider:

  • Will the people you want to communicate with have a compatible system?  If not, how will you reach them?
  • If your organization has 10 traditional room systems, won’t there inevitably be 11 (or more) meetings that need them?
  • As good as traditional video conferencing systems are, many are not very portable, so what happens when you want to pull someone into a meeting who is not near an office, or doesn’t have a giant internet pipe available?

The solution is a bridge (the H.323 Gateway) to allow interoperability between video conference suites and desktop software systems so you can have the best of both worlds: “like you are there” communication, AND flexibility to include more people (and use less real estate) when it makes sense for your business.

This interoperability helps you

  • “mainstream” video conferencing and collaboration throughout the organization without multi-million dollar investments
  • improve the utilization of existing videoconferencing investments
  • take some of the pressure off scheduling conference rooms because you don’t have to coordinate with everyoneto make sure that their room is available, and they can be sitting in it, at the appointed hour

Take a closer look at how VeaMea can help.