You can choose to access VeaMea through the cloud: using our servers, network and datacenter while keeping only the client application within your organization. This is the simplest configuration available, but still provides a dedicated, secure domain for your company’s communication and collaboration.

Your monthly subscription fee covers access to the VeaMea Cloud and we do the rest. The service is available when you need it and we manage all the capacity planning, servers and software.

The Cloud is also the lowest up-front cost option, allowing you to start small and grow over time as your business needs evolve. If you have no IT department or a small one that already has a full plate, VeaMea Cloud Service is the option for you.

VeaMea Cloud Service provides all the features of our industry leading video conferencing and collaboration platform including:

  • Contacts/Presence list
  • Video/Audio/Content Sharing with InPerson quality
  • Carrier grade encryption (AES 256)
  • Session Recordings / Archives
  • Secure IM and File transfer
  • Multi-User Flipchart
  • Tests/Polls and Instant Results
  • H.323 and SIP Integration