hitcastlogoIn 1998, a European technology company was trying to demo their products in smaller towns without having to travel. A combination of satellite links to send video and content, and dial-up connectivity for voice, were the best options available. No existing commercial applications would run reliably in this environment. Hitcast was developed to meet this need.Over the years, Hitcast has grown to include a broad array of collaboration tools.As the available infrastructure has improved, Hitcast’s development team has remained true to its roots, always seeking to provide the best user experience with the most economical use of system and network resources. Hitcast’s core development team has been focused on this challenge for over 15 years and has a breadth and depth of understanding that is unrivaled.Hitcast’s application has moved from the interactive broadcast of live events to mainstream business applications and from satellite networks to IP networks, providing next-generation collaboration tools to a variety of global businesses.


Veamea_logoIn 2009, Hitcast and VeaMea formed a joint venture to expand into the fast-growing US-teleconferencing and collaboration market.