Telework, Shmelework, An Open Letter to Marissa Mayer

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Dear Ms. Mayer –

Well you certainly got everyone’s attention !  A lot of opinions are flying about whether you are being “anti-green,” doing a self-selecting RIF, making a sensible business decision, are out of touch with non-executive struggles, blah, blah, blah.  You’re no dummy (or dare I say Yahoo?) and I am sure you thought about this before making the call.

Our question is: do you have the wrong telework policy or the wrong telework technology?

A lot of companies have difficulty with telework because they have invested in complicated, expensive communication infrastructures that make it cumbersome for someone to connect to the office, give them limited functionality (e.g. save and retrieve files), low quality (choppy audio and grainy video), require a lot of people to manage the network in order to enable people to connect, or multiple combinations of the above.

But what if (remember those old HP commercials?) there were a lightweight, secure, collaboration solution that gave employees presence/status information and click-to-meet access to anyone in their group, their hallway, their division, their campus or half way around the world whether they are in the office, on the road, writing code or picking up groceries?

What if the same client worked in the same way on mobile, on desktops and in conference rooms so that it didn’t matter who was where and the system did the leg work to find them?

What if it enabled audio calls, video calls, desktop sharing, application control sharing, virtual whiteboard, chat and more?

What if you could have all this TODAY without breaking the bank?

If this sounds interesting to you, click below.

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