UC, Unified Communications & the Brooklyn Bridge


[Photo Credit: Joel Greenberg, click photo to access his website]

What is Unified Communications ?

Ask ten friends to define Unified Comunications or look at five UC vendors’ websites and try to reconcile their depictions into one coherent definition.

Hyoun Park, Telecom and Unified Communications Research Analyst at Aberdeen Group, has a fun animation about Unified Communications.

If you don’t want to watch, I’ll give you my takeaways.

People say UC is: …read more…

Video Bridge To Everywhere

There are lots of high quality video conferencing systems in use today, from vendors likePolycomTandbergLifeSizeVSeeVidyo and VeaMea (now swy|me).

But if the person who you want to call isn’t part of your network, and doesn’t have your brand/model video conferencing system, what can you do ?



If you said “Go to Paris and leave your video conferencing troubles behind you,” it is understandable, but not the credited response.  If you thought “Get a bridge!” you shoul Read more