swyMe takes the Stage at Partners Symposium

Andy Oram, an editor at O’Reilly media and frequent contributor to EMR & EHR, attended the Connected Health Symposium that swyMed was a part of a few weeks ago.  He’s written about the experience on the EMR & EHR blog, but we’ve added (with permission, of course) the section regarding swyMe below.

It’s encouraging to see the progress of patient engagement at Massachusetts General Hospital, as reported by Gregg Meyer of Partners Healthcare System (the funder behind the Center for Connected Health that put on the symposium). But can small and rural providers struggling with cash flow join the movement?

These institutions would be comfortable using swyMe, a HIPAA-compliant telemedicine system that allows doctors to interview patients over everyday mobile devices and perhaps avoid a trip to the hospital. swyMe can also transmit audio and video from devices that EMTs can connect up to the phone. (Not many devices with the necessary hardware connectors are on the market, though.)

swyMe was one of the “innovators” highlighted in a conference demo. Jeffrey Urdan, COO of the company that makes it, told me later that he felt “low tech” compared to some of the fancy, expensive devices at the demo. But most of the providers in the US, and elsewhere, are more on swyMe’s level than theirs.

Please follow this link to read Andy’s entire article.  We’re thankful for the efforts of those making sure the medical industry is aware of all the tools at its disposal.