Software-based Video Conferencing

In the world of video conferencing, most people think of fancy conference rooms filled with expensive equipment.

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But a new way of thinking about this technology is emerging…

Software-based video conferencing, uses the processing power of the hardware you already have, and offers the ability to extend conferencing and collaboration outside the four walls of the conference room.


So why wouldn’t you use the hardware you have, the IP network you have, and add software to manage the video communication and collaboration functions?

Today’s best solutions have AES 256 encryption, secure client-server architecture and business grade toolsets that enable full collaboration in addition to simple video conferencing.

What makes a software solution better ?  By the time a company has designed hardware, manufactured it and put it in the field, it has already started to become obsolete (e.g. new processors, new graphics cards, faster network interfaces are available).  A hardware-based solution can also be needlessly expensive: if you already have enough processing power, then buying someone’s dedicated video hardware is redundant.

Software can be expanded and improved on a daily basis and relies on system/network resources that are in place — so when you upgrade a server or network switch, your video conferencing and collaboration software automatically gets upgraded too.

Real companies, companies like yours, are deriving real benefits from using secure, software-based collaboration and conferencing.  Benefits like reduced travel expenditures, improved business sustainability, ability to offer TeleWork, reduced real estate costs, and a Continuity of Operations infrastructure that people become familiar with long before there is an emergency.

But the best reason to consider software-based video conferencing is the dramatically lower Total Cost of Ownership.  More functionality at lower cost, what’s not to like ?

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