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UC, Unified Communications & the Brooklyn Bridge

[Photo Credit: Joel Greenberg, click photo to access his website] What is Unified Communications ? Ask ten friends to define Unified Comunications or look at five UC vendors’ websites and try to reconcile their depictions into one coherent definition. Hyoun Park, Telecom and Unified Communications Research Analyst at Aberdeen Group, has a fun animation about […]

Telework: Real-life results

Given the controvery over telework and the many opinions and meta-arguments voiced over the past few weeks, it seems important to get back to real world data. Below are a few statistics from a European company that implemented a telework program: Productivity increase 15% Short illness decrease 20% Employee satisfaction increase 9% Commuter kilometers traveled […]

Telework, Shmelework, An Open Letter to Marissa Mayer

Photo borrowed from zdnet.com Dear Ms. Mayer – Well you certainly got everyone’s attention !  A lot of opinions are flying about whether you are being “anti-green,” doing a self-selecting RIF, making a sensible business decision, are out of touch with non-executive struggles, blah, blah, blah.  You’re no dummy (or dare I say Yahoo?) and […]

Microsoft Acquires Skype — Video Collaboration World Yawns

The twittering began a while ago, then came the announcement that an announcement would come, and now…it is announced. Microsoft will acquire Skype for $8.5 Billion in cash. Good for Microsoft to get access to the Skype user community with hundreds of millions of loyalists.  Good for Skype to have the 800 lb. gorilla in software as its partner […]

6 Learnings from the American Telemedicine Association Annual

VeaMea (now swy|me) visited the American Telemedicine Association Annual Conference in Tampa this past week.  It was an interesting conference with thousands of participants, and hundreds of vendors. We had some interesting conversations with people who are, or are going to be, practicing Telemedicine as well as a variety of support organizations. Here are a few highlights: Rural […]

Top 5 Reasons TelePsychiatry is a Killer App for Video Conferencing

The Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), a division of Health and Human Services (HHS) has a database where you can search for information about shortages of access to primary care, dental and mental health services.  A quick search for mental health services reveals a significant shortage in almost every area across the nation.     Top 5 Reasons […]

Video Bridge To Everywhere

There are lots of high quality video conferencing systems in use today, from vendors likePolycom, Tandberg, LifeSize, VSee, Vidyo and VeaMea (now swy|me). But if the person who you want to call isn’t part of your network, and doesn’t have your brand/model video conferencing system, what can you do ? Hint: If you said “Go to Paris and leave your video […]

Facts & Fairy Tales: Software Video Conferencing & Collaboration

An interesting discussion has popped up on LinkedIn in the Video Conferencing Professionals Group.  Someone asked for advice about software-based video conferencing solutions and said he wanted to make a list of what was available in the marketplace. Many users and vendors chimed in, offering names of packages, points of view, experiences, all the things that one […]