Britain’s NHS is Best! US is worst of 11…

Congratulations Britain!  You’re the best…and the second least expensive.

There was a recent study by the Commonwealth Fund which looked at 11 developed western nations: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, the UK, and the US.

They were compared on the following criteria: Quality Care (Effective Care, Safe Care, Coordinated Care, and Patient-Centered Care), Access (Cost-related Problem, Timeliness of Care), Efficiency, Equity, and “Healthy Lives” (meaning: infant mortality, mortality from conditions that could have been survived with more effective treatment and life expectancy at age 60).  They were also compared by the amount spent on health services per capita.

The US was by far the most expensive, and scored terribly overall (last place).

Federal Government Closed, VeaMea Open

snow day veamea resized 600

The Washington DC area is being clobbered with a massive snowstorm. Well, ok, so far it is only about 1/2″ but the forecast is for up to a foot by the end of the day.
This has led the Feds to shut down.  Whatever happened to “neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow, nor dark of night…”?
You would think a Government with multi-trillion dollar annual budgets would be able to keep the doors open when something as predictable as a winter snowstorm rolls through.

Memo to BHO/POTUS: Tell OPM to expand SVC.

For those who live outside the Beltway, the above translates to:
Memo to Barack Hussein Obama/President of the United States: Tell the Office of Personnel Management to expand Secure Video Collaboration.
How hard is it to set up a telework program?  (Not very) Can people be productive when they aren’t in the office?  (Yes, arguably MORE productive) How can you manage people when they are remote? (By using technology that allows you to have “in-person” interactions without being physically in the same place).
If you want to talk through your business continuity strategy, process and technology, give us acall.